sábado, 2 de junio de 2012

Azálea Carrillo escribe liricas para la orquesta Ochún de Nueva York

Como miembro de La Sociedad de Poetas y Escritores-Miami,  me siento orgullosa compartir la siguiente informacion de su directora y fundadora AZALEA CARRILLO- Mery Larrinua


A mover el esqueleto con la música de Ochun y el cantante Miguel Garcia.
La letra de El Caracolito es un poema de la escritora y poetisa Azálea Carrillo, extrahído de su libro: "Poemas Gitanillos", que está a la venta en las librerias de Miami, junto con otros libros de su autoría. 
Azálea Carrillo escribe liricas para la orquesta Ochún de Nueva York desde hace años, su trabajo aparece en los CD's de la orquesta Ochún, en venta en las casas disqueras.

Saturday, June 2, 2012 
OCHÚN - El Caracolito
Music video with Miguel Garcia and Ochún performing El Caracolito; song from their new CD Guarachando (music: Miguel Garcia, lyrics: Azalea Carrillo, arranger: Pablo Moya).
“Veteran Sonero singer, composer and band leader Miguel Garcia with his new release ‘Guarachando’ has entered a new stage in his musical career.  Replanting himself in the vibrant Latin musical capital of south Florida’s Miami has added a new energetic artistic dimension to this streetwise New Yorker musical artist.  Miguel has always surrounded himself, worked and recorded with the best of the best in New York’s Cuban and Latin music scene.  This alliance and camaraderie has produced some very fine music, as in Ochún’s two previous cd’s ‘Ochún’ (2004) and ‘En el año de Ochún’ (2006), and in their live performances, both are a wonderful danceable feast of son, guaracha, guajira, montuno, boleros with nothing left out, or as we say in Spanish when something is really good, ‘no le falta nada!’  No doubt that this new recording, which includes Ochún and his new Miami musical collaborators Fusion 4, will entice you with two richly rendered Latin standards and nine original tunes, all with the classic sonero vocals provided by Miguel Garcia.” --Ed Castaneda, HavanaNewYork.com
new release
Miguel Garcia, Ochún & Fusion 4
Now available at:
About the CD
The initial concept for this cd entitled, Guarachando, was to be called "Ochún Live."  It was to feature all live original songs together with the New York band Ochún.  Due to a lack of funds the project was put on hold indefinitely.
In 2011, New Yorker Miguel Garcia retired from his 'day job' and relocated to Miami where he was finally able to focus on his music full time.  Miguel decided to produce a new cd that would include 2 of the 'live Ochún' recordings and 9 of his original tunes that featured musicians from both the New York band Ochún and the Miami group Fusion 4, as well as other guest artists (Oriente Lopez, Diego Lopez, Levan Trujillo, Nestor Villar, Jennifer Vincent, Greg August, Mauricio Herrera, Roman Diaz and Gerardo Aguillon).
This cd was engineered by the late Kurt Upper and mixed and mastered by friend Luis Damian Guell of Digital Boulevard Studios in New York and recorded by Levan Trujillo of Big Sound Studios and Ray Contreras of Racy Music Studios in Miami.
Miguel was fortunate to have 2 of New York's best arrangers work on this project.  The legendary Pablo Moya's exceptional arrangements are showcased in 10 of the 11 tunes on this cd and Oriente Lopez lent his special touch to 'Oye Mi Guaguanco'.
“Special thanks to the following artists for their invaluable contribution:  Diego Lopez (drums and bata), Nestor Villar (percussion) , Greg August (bass) , Jennifer Vincent(cello), Mauricio Herrera (percussion), Roman Diaz (bata), Gerardo Aguillon ( viola and violin).
To Ceasar Vera, Ivan Hernandez and Mario Delmonte - the members of Fusion 4 - A Special Thank You....
And a very special thank you to my Ochún partner, Paul Armstrong and all of the musicians from Ochún who worked on this cd: Andy Hunter, Guido Gonzalez, Gabriel 'Chinchilita' Machado, Ito Arguinzone, Yunior Terry, and Jorge Brinjas......you guys are the best....
This project was truly a joint effort between my 2 favorite cities and myself… as much as I embrace Miami, I will always have New York in my heart.  A guarachar con Guarachando!" --Miguel Garcia
Now available at:

For more info on Miguel Garcia and Ochún go to: www.miguelgarciamusic.net
For more info on Fusion 4 go to: www.fusion4band.com
To view Ochún’s “Bonito y Sabroso” music video go to:
For booking info, contact Miguel Garcia at:
Tel: 917.992.4926

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